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Samantha Imafidon

The youngest girl ever to gain admissions to a British secondary, at the age of 9 Samantha is no stranger to success! After hitting the papers a few years ago for passing her Maths and Statistics GCSEs aged 6, Samantha has since made appearances on Sky News as well as other well-known press outlets.

She has written a book with her siblings called 'Maths Manual' to help her friends and other girls her age to succeed in Maths like she has.

Samantha says: "Some of my friends think Maths is hard, but if you try and try again, the answer will come out of your head!"


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Samantha Imafidon in the New Nation Samantha Imafidon became the youngest pupil to pass a double GCSE exams last week – cementing her achievements in the Guinness Book of Records.
-New Nation Monday 29th August 2005 Frontpage

Samantha Imafidon sat and passed the double GCSEs at 7”
-Times Hendon & Finchley 2005 Samantha Imafidon in the Hendon and Finchley Times

Samantha Imafidon in the Evening Standard


“Other success stories include Samantha Imafidon, the youngest candidate to gain two GCSE passes in the same year”

Evening Standard page 7; 25th Aug 2005.


“Samantha Imafidon has dominated national and international news after setting a new record in the Guinness book of records, by being the youngest person ever to pass two GCSEs in one sitting”

The Voice Page 14; 3rd October 2005


Samantha Imafidon in the Daily Telegraph

“But it was left to one class of six and seven years old to provide one of this year’s most impressive [GCSE] feats… this was shared by Samantha Imafidon who passed Maths and Statistics”

Daily Telegraph – page 17; 26 August 2005