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The second eldest of the children, Christiana shot to fame when she passed her Maths GCSE aged nine and again when she gain several scholarship admissions to start secondary education. In her spare time she loves to play sports such as football, hockey, netball and athletics and is able to use her height to her advantage when playing basketball or netball.

Media quotes

Christiana Imafidon, nine … [passed GCSE], despite having just nine months to revise and missing the first half an hour of her exam.

- The Recorder 29th August 2001 Page 4.

They [Anne-Marie and Christiana Imafidon] are young, gifted and on track to achieve great things.. so how can others learn from them?

The Voice 1st September 2003 Page 12-13

A Maths prodigy [Christiana Imafidon] became one of the youngest people this year to pass GCSE higher level maths.

- The Guardian-series 28th August 2003 Page 7.

Eleven-year-old Christiana Imafidon has followed in the footsteps of her big sister by becoming one of the youngest girls in the country to pass a GCSE

- The NewNation 25th August 2003 Page 4

A 12-year-old …girls [Christiana Imafidon] has become the youngest person to pass maths at A-level last week. The gifted youngster showed her interest in maths at seven when she pointed out an error in a maths textbook written by someone [professor] with a PhD degree. (Her Parents checked it with a maths teacher who confirmed that Christiana was correct).

The Voice 23rd September 2004 Page 10

Christiana Imafidon, 12 passed A-level Statistics …….after five months of study (instead of two years)
The Guardian Friday, 20th August 2004 Page 14